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I'm Lauren Stone, an Integrative Counsellor with a wide range of experience. I am registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and work to deliver effective interventions to adults who are experiencing a range of difficulties.

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Our Mindful Counsellor

At Our Mindful Counsellor, I’m passionate about supporting people to live well with pain whether physical, mental or emotional. As part of our counselling pathway, we learn and understand more about ourselves through self-inquiry and gain insight as to why we need to care for our own mental health and to continue building resilience.

There is a huge amount of value in self-inquiry as it enables you to find out who you are and directs you towards being the best person you can be. This self-knowledge provides the opportunity to let go of habitual patterns and inner criticisms, as well as other people’s opinions of who you are or should be. Self-inquiry asks is there a difference between who you truly are and how you are living, creating greater self-awareness. Throughout this process you will be able to build the resilience and grace needed to move toward what serves you and away from what and whom does not. The more you look within for direction and make appropriate changes guided by your self-inquiry, the smaller the distance between who you are and how you are living becomes. Counselling supports releasing negative and limiting beliefs whilst cultivating more self-inquiry, self-reflection, trust and self-compassion. Therefore, your life becomes informed with a quality of knowing that comes from deep within (your inner teacher) and empowers you.

Resistance comes in many forms, distracting us from moving forward such as procrastinating, overeating or watching the TV. Self-inquiry during counselling gives an opportunity to ask, how do I behave when I feel uncomfortable, what do I engage in to avoid pain and am I ready to change. Having a regular time to complete counselling supports against any resistance to let go and evolve with clarity. Our Mindful Counsellor promotes self-care and self-compassion enabling us to be more compassionate to others.

I am registered with the British Association
of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP).
This means I follow the highest standards of professional practice and the Standards Of Proficiency & Ethical Practice.

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